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New Course: My Simplified Lightroom Image Management System (the “SLIM” system)

Last week we released a new course on how to finally get really organized in Lightroom Classic – and it’s the most recent version of my SLIM system – the same one taught in classrooms around the world. Check out the official trailer below:

You can buy this course by itself for $29.99 or watch it as part of a KelbyOne Pro Membership, where you can watch all our Lightroom courses (I don’t think there’s anyone out there with nearly as many full-length courses on every aspect of Lightroom and Photoshop)as we do).

Here’s a link to the course.

Have a great Monday, everybody, and here’s to finally getting really organized, backed up, and loving your Lightroom experience. 🙂


P.S. If you use Lightroom ‘cloud’ edition, I have a separate version of the SLIM system just for you folks. Here’s the link to the cloud version.



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