I did a short tutorial (below) that includes a bunch of little tips for making better black and white conversions, and you’ll see my workflow for taking a color image through to the black and white final. It’s short and sweet. Well, it’s short anyway.

Shots From The Twin Cities

A little before the pandemic hit, I got a chance to spend a day with my buddy Jay up in Minneapolis where I shot some of the classic interior architecture in the area, and I gotta tell ya — I was pretty surprised (delighted, tickled, shocked, etc.) at some of the amazing shooting opportunities up there.

I posted some of my favorite shots from the day in an Adobe Spark page at this link (if you’ve got a quick sec).

11-Days Until The Portrait Photography Conference Kicks Off

It’s coming up Nov. 2-3, 2021 and everyone’s invited (that means you!), and it’s going to be awesome! I’m teaching four sessions during the conference:

(1) What Makes a Great Portrait (a free pre-conference session the day before, on Nov. 1st, for all registered attendees)

(2) Mastering the One-Light Portrait

(3) Introduction to Portrait Compositing

(4) My Top 20 Portrait Photography Tips

Those are my sessions, but there are plenty more, including session from portrait masters like Joe McNally, Frank Doorhof, and many more! Hope you can make it – here’s the link for tickets and details. If you can’t make it but you have friends or co-workers that would get a lot out of it, please let them know for me). 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody! #GoBucs and #RollTide! 🙂




  1. labro 25 October, 2021 at 10:58 Reply

    beautiful B&W.
    I am fan of using LUT/profiles in Lightroom and I have purchased some good ones.
    Big advantage is that we keep all sliders available compared to switching to B&W mode.

    What I’d like to have in lightroom is some blur and glow effects we could apply selectively to highlights and shadows in these B&W images.
    Currently I need to launch ON1 or color efex pro or photoshop and generate huge TIF files just for few basic effects.

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